Saturday, February 20, 2016

Tokyo Pen Shop

I like buying stationary items fro the Tokyo Pen Shop. They do not stock as much stuff as JetPens but they do surprise me with some Items I have been n looking for. On the left we start with the Kuru Togo which looks like the many others that are out there but this one not only rotates the lead but has what they call a Pipe Slide. I have always called it a sliding sleeve. This makes the pencil that much better. Then we have a Haribo five shell by Pentel, Zebra Color Flight 0.5mm pencil and two Uni Promark view highlighters. Last a Dinosaur set of erasers.

Here is a closer look at the Togo. You can see that there is no point showing. I will be posting all my Togos soon. Visit  and add all they great items to your collection.

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