Monday, February 8, 2016

The Old And The New

Picked up some old and new items down in the Supply Room.

 Top is the new Lamy Charged Green roller ball pen. I am sure someone will be posting the fountain pen soon. Great color but why another green?  Did we not have a blue/green Al-Star last year? I also received a nice collection of old Papermate Pens. I will get some working and put together a Give-Away. It seems that I did not have one all last year.

The cards have been cut but we have a Scripto K780, Papermate Refillable Flair and a Papermate Eraser Mate. Add them all to your collection.


  1. I remember those EraserMate pens, before they were the disposable ones in 4-packs. I had one in third grade (1981) and used it to write a “long” (probably 2 page!) report.