Monday, October 26, 2015

New Tokyo Pen Shop Order

 Here is my new Tokyo Pen Shop Order. Starting at the top are the SEED LumiNeon Erasers. The erasers work fine but their claim to fame is that they glow in the dark. Bottom left is the Kuru Togo Red 0.7mm pencil. This pencil come with red lead. Next is the Penco Prime Timber 2.00mm pencil. A very nice clutch pencil. Last is the missing Pencil Cherry Pink KL 307 pen.
Here is the glow. All the erasers seem to glow blue after I hit them with a black light flastlight. They are made of plastic like the Staedtler Lumplast AV model #5256.56 erasers which I have two of. Place your order at and add all these great items to your collection.

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