Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Mechanical Pencil

 A Mechanical Pencil that will last you a lifetime. That is how this pencil is listed on Kickstarter. The inventor of this great pencil is Andrew Sanderson and he is down in Austin Texas. Just about a hour plus from me. He sent a pencil to me to review and here it is. The pencil comes in both Aluminum and Brass. I had all ready signed on some time ago to support this great project so I was extra surprised to get to review one. His original goal was $4000.00 and it is now over $100,000.00 People want this pencil. I loaded my pencil with Pentel HB soft lead and it works great.

Here are the three main part to this pencil. As I said before you can not see the lines where the tip un-screws. It looks like solid piece of aluminum with no groves to grip. Because of the diameter of this pencil you do not need any grips.

Aluminum Pencil
Length: 5.7inch
Diameter: .375 inch
Weight: .66 oz
Lead size 0.5mm

There are 8 days left so there is still time to sign on as a supporter for this great pencil. Not only will you get the pencil but there are also some stretch goal rewards. Add one to your collection.  Just google a mechanical pencil that will last a lifetime and his page will come up.


  1. Interesting... can you share the link to it?

  2. Just go to and search A Mechanical pencil and the page will come up. I am having a problen with my links.