Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Parker Jotters as Of March 2014

Here we have my current collection of Parker Jotters. My plan is to have forty eight Parker Jotters in this case. Top row are the standard Jotters in the different colors. Top far right are the four clear Parkers. Bottom row at the left starts with two original 1954 Jotters. Next are four Parker Jotter 50th anniversary pens. The green Jotter is the Parker 125th Anniversary pen. We have the stainless steel chrome and gold tone Jotters. Two 2012 special addition Jotters ( missing the blue one).Two Jotters with designs from India. Current blue calender Jotter from India and a old US made calender Jotter. Last is a window Jotter. Over on the right we have the Parker 15 and Parker 45. There are at three more Parker 45s at Med Men.  Jotters are some of the best ball point pens around so add a few to your collection.


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  2. I collect jotter pens too. I can see you have a lot of pastel color jotters. The top left row is very beautiful.
    recently I'm looking for the green translucent jotter that the top far right in your collection. I can't find the green one.
    I'm dying to get the green translucent jotter.
    I'm going to get the green translucent jotter someday.

  3. Keep checking ebay. They have the other colors and I am sure green will show up.

  4. Do you know exact color names of these ballpens with their color codes? I'm a Jotter collector too but i need color names and numbers to complete colors list whis was never made and this will help people to recognize their ballpens.

  5. It's been placed on fountainpennetwork.com forum