Monday, September 30, 2013

Old And New Stuff

We have been slowly adding new and old stuff to our inventory and here are some of the items. Top left is a box of Canadian green BIC pens. Thanks Sam. Below the BICs is a new Parker Vector, Papermate Holiday in perfect condition and another Parker Epic. I now have two Epics in my collection. More old BIC Wavelengths pencils from around 1991. Thanks again Sam. Middle top is a PEZ Calculator. Below that is a Sterling Plastic Creepy Pencil Sharpener NR# 618 from around 1963. I have a few of the spiders but this is the first on a card. To their right are the four colored BICs in fine point. Already had the medium points. Next is a Scripto pen and pencil set. Great condition. Pencil is  a P360 and the Pen is a T220. Last is a set of BIC Spider-man MVP Erasable pens. Add all this stuff to your collection.

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