Sunday, May 13, 2012

More New BICs

Here we have more new BIC pens from overseas. The four RS2s on top have been posted before but all three types have plenty in common. The RS2s, BU1s and the BU3 are all fine point and are all made in Vietnam.  are these new BIC's going to take over here in the US? I do not think so. These pens are nice but cheap and the current BICs are getting so collectible. Still everyone should have at least one of each type in your collection.Posted by Picasa


  1. Hello george!!!where i can find them!!!bic bu1 in these colors>???
    help me i searched everywhere!!!and ebay!
    i need them!!!

  2. As of today at 5:30PM central time they have some like them on ebay.

  3. Hi George, it s me, ebay id : bunstar11. About your enquiry on BU1 blue ball pens. you can visit my pages. Thank you very much