Monday, February 6, 2012

1971 Papermate Rolli Bolli

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Here we have a never used 1971 Papermate Rolli Bolli. I have been looking for some time for one of these. They have been on ebay and some other places I check but not in orange. The orange and black ball is nice and rolls back and forth when you put the pen in it but the key item is the pen. A perfect condition orange Malibu Papermate pen. Sometimes called a 98 or a piggy back pen. I have some in my collection but not in this color. All the older papermate pens like Malibu, Contour and the Profile all use the same refill. Makes it real easy to get these great pens working. Add them all to your collection. If you must have one there are two currently on EBay as of 7 Feb.

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