Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My New Pentel P205s

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Sometimes we just jump in and buy something as soon as we see them and here is what I bought. Six new Pentel P205s. Purple, green, red, pink, white and blue. I added a Graph 1000 in purple and on the right I added a blue Tradio so we can see they are using the same metallic colors for all of these. I picked up my first Pentel P205 in the mid 70s while in Germany and these new colors will start it all over again with a flood of new users. Great colors on a great pencil. The price should come down and I am sure JetPens will jump on these. Add them all to your collection.


  1. Awesome! Ditto that - where did you get these? I have a black one that I've had forever and it still looks awesome and brand new. One of my favorite mechanical pencils ever, and I recently got myself a Graph Gear but not in this gorgeous purple!! Darn colors... I must add these to my collection!

  2. I picked them up on EBay. There are two sellers, one is selling the set and the other is selling individual pencils. As I said I would expect these new pencils to show up on JetPens soon.

  3. George, I "dislike" you...ha-ha! I am not certain I have wanted a pencil this bad.
    Cult Pens has them for sale:
    I really want these but currently it is not in my budget.

  4. I know that I jumped early but when I saw the set of six on ebay I knew they needed to be down in the basement of the old supply room.

  5. Those are sweet! I especially like the white and blue ones.