Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sterling Plastic Pencil Case

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Every time I think I have seen all the variations of Sterling Plastic pencils boxes or cases, I find one I have never seen before. Here it is, a Sterling Plastic Pencil Care model 633 from around 1967. This case is in great shape and all the parts are there. There are three games that can be played on the top of the case by using the little pieces on the right. I have added so many more Sterling Plastic school and office supplies to my collection this past year that it may be time to lay it all out on the table. Add this case to your collection.


  1. Curious if you have ever heard/have/seen this one. I was mid 70's and made/sold by Lillian Vernon (mail order mag). It was red, about 4x10x1, the top half (unit was split 1/2" x 1/2") swiveled and the top had a slide top. I can draw up in 3D next week to give more of a visual. Been searching for it. I had as a kid. I believe it was sold with colored pencils.

  2. Also it was plastic. Top half held the pencils, bottom half held whatever you wanted, think it came with a stapler, erasers etc.

  3. pencil box with the game is helps to get entertainments. Some of the games are best for the brain power. It is very old model of pencil box.
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  4. Any idea what it is worth. I have 1 in original package.