Monday, June 6, 2011

New Old Clip Board

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Here is a nice example of a 60 plus year old clip board. Some friends of mine here in Killeen Texas have an old warehouse that they and others have stored old stuff and records in for years. They let me go looking last week since they knew I liked old office supplies and because it was a office type business they owned so a looking I went. I found this old clip board which has the stripes from I guess two types of wood or from the way it was put together. All the old clip boards I have seen on eBay have these stripes. I only used soap and water then put on a polyethylene spray. If may be older then 60 years. Add one to your collection and keep looking for those old office supplies.


  1. Very cool George. I've always liked clipboards.

  2. I used same this clipboard in my school life. I was using shampoo spray for cleaning it. It is full of wooden and only handle is made with the still.
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