Friday, April 15, 2011

Acco Swingline Stapler

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While I was unable to post I spent some time down in the basement of the old supply room and came up with this prize. Here is a 1980s Acco Swingline 221xx Clear Electric Stapler. It appears to be in perfect condition with no cracks. It works on both batteries or electric plug. The red button on top is pushed to open the tray where the staples go. Right below the staple tray is where paper is inserted to be stapled. These working staplers are highly collectible. There are some videos on youtube showing them in action. Add one to your growing collection.


  1. I just got one at a thrift store and I was wondering what kind of power supply it requires, specifically the style and polarity of the plug. Thank you in advance.

    Andrew Hughes

  2. Good deal. You can use 4AA batteries or the plug.
    Plug info:SS41-060-0600D, input 120VAC 60Hz, For use with model 21101 Stapler

  3. I have more than one of these and I LOVE them.