Monday, March 7, 2011

New Pentel Eraser

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Here we have three new Pentel ZE-80 erasers. Very close to the round ZE-21 or ZE-22 eraser and the tri eraser ZE-15 but these ZE-80s have a square eraser. It was just a matter of time before Pentel had these clic erasers in all shapes for all needs. Same operation as all the other Pentel Clic erasers. Nice colors. Add them all to your eraser collection.

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  1. hello george,

    i've been a clic eraser fan since i knew what they were in the late 80s. and i've held onto my 2 favorite from about '90 that are the round variety but have the more squared off clip compared to the newer wavy clip design i see today. mainly i've kept them because they function so well and don't retract even with high pressure erasing.

    where did you find these different shaped varieties? are refills still available?

    although i've really always appreciated fine writing/drawing instruments thanks to my dad and his background with IBM at NASA in the mid '60s, i've never really collected, but had 3-5 good pentels for daily use for years. between being clumsy and my students stealing my pencils, i unfortunately don't have any of my older ones or any of the several my dad gave me. so sad. currently i have the GraphGear 500 0.7 PG527 that is my workhorse that i've been relatively please with.

    matt, the texoradoan

    ps-grew up in houston with family going back to the 1830s in nw houston, lived 9 years in waco, spent a few years in east texas, now in denver, co. :)