Friday, March 25, 2011

Sterling Plastic Creepy Sharpener Collection

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I have been after these for some time. The white rat is made by the Empire Pencil Company but the three others are all Sterling Plastic. The picture of the spider on a card was for sale on EBay for $25.00 and I did not buy it. Then came a long the sharpeners off card and I jumped. These were very popular with the kids and me. Made of soft plastic with all the legs able to bend so many of these have survived 40 plus years. It is best to try and pick these up on the card but carded items are getting harder to find and are more expensive then the loose ones. Add them all to your collection.

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  1. Pretty disturbing. Funny how realistic they look with the sober natural colors they chose back then. Nowadays they would lose much of their "creepiness" since they would likely get cast in rainbow neon colors.