Sunday, February 6, 2011

Old Pen and Pencil Sets

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Here are some new to the supply room old pen and pencil sets. Top left is an interesting pen set. There are two ball point pens. No name brand but they are 14K gold Filigree perfumed pens. The barrels have the gold design and I should be able to get them to work. 60s or late 50s I would think. The next two are pen and pencil sets with no name brand but the pencils are 0.5mm so that should put them in the 70s. Bottom left is a nice Scripto fountain pen with pencil set. I have a pencil like this already in the collection but I still do not have a model number for it. Scripto did have some pencils that were only sold as sets and I believe this would be one of them. Late or early 60s The fountain pen is a bladder filled pen. Last is a Sheaffer set. The ball point has what is considered the best click mechanism ever made. They are good pens. Since I already have some sets like this so if there is some intest I may get the pen working and do a give away. The pencil works fine but the eraser is hard. Add them all to your collection.

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  1. George, Love the Scripto and Sheaffer sets. I saw a Scripto Fountain Pen before, but it had a Parker cap on it that didn't fit, so I passed.