Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Old Wooden Rulers

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Her is my current collection of old wooden rulers. Don't have as many as I should but I have to start somewhere. Staring at the top is a 18" Helix, 15" Amer MFG Concern made in Faconer, NY with plenty of advertising on it. 15" Westcott, 12" Westcott Typist Ruler, 12" no name but made in the US of AM, another 12" Westcott and at the bottom is a 12" K&E Co Star Quality 3 sided ruler. Just today I picked up a wooden 12" ruler and a metal 12" ruler, both Westcotts from K-Mart today. Both were made in China. A few of these old US made wooden rulers should be in your collection because we do not make them anymore. It is sad.


  1. I was going through your posts, very interesting. I am looking for leads for my antique German Opel-Dienst 4 color pencil. May be you can give me advice about the size, I think 1.8, but don't know for sure. Here is photo of it. http://nikiraart.blogspot.com/2011/01/talking-about-my-antique-mystery-pencil.html
    Thank you very much.

  2. Hello, would you be willing to sell the 18" Helix ruler? Please let me know if that's a possibility. Thanks a bunch. I tried to send an email but it didn't go through. I am looking for a vintage ruler with no advertising. t.brass1@verizon.net.

  3. I didn't mention that the vintage ruler I am looking for needs to be 18" with no advertising. Thanks