Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Pen Storage Cabinet

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I have been tracking this large plastic pen storage cabinet for five years. I first saw it in a local coffee shop. They paid $300.00 for it for the display of pastries. The shop closed about 2 years ago and the cabinet along with other items were sold to another coffee shop in Killeen Texas. I may add that it ended up in the coffee shop I go to every day. For my birthday on the 11th I got the cabinet for $30.00. Pastries out pen and pencils in. My largest cabinet to date. Three shelves that hold 40 pens each, maybe more, stands 16" tall, 17" from front to rear, 21" wide, slants inward in the front, two doors that pull out with magnets to hold them closed. Where to put it is another question. I will post it again when I find space for it down in the supply room. Add one for your collection.


  1. George,

    Not only does it look good, but I bet it smells good as well! Good find.

  2. Nice find! hard to believe the high retail prices for plastic cabinets these days.