Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Christmas To Me

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Sometimes we get to buy our own Christmas presents. On the left are two new 1960s or early 70s autopoint pencils. Dark blue one is going to Ricardo. From JetPens we have the new Hi-Tec-C Coleto Lumio in black, a pentel energel 0.7mm pen, two Uni Style Fit in orange and green. Next is a Pilot S-20 in the dark wood. Great pencil. Next is a pencil only a few collectors have. A 1980s Pentel PG 1505 Auccugraph. This is the old version with no lead indicator. I used this pencil today for general writing and it is outstanding. Hope you get all these and more for Christmas.


  1. I have 9 Pentel mechanical pencils: the p207, p205, qe505, sharplet a127, ps315, p225, and a pink translucent 0.5 side-click with a mark on the clip that says pd345. Some have the embossed Pentel name on the barrel with a two digit number that could be a date mark(?). I've had these pencils for quite awhile so they could be called vintage, if that is the correct term. Can you tell me anything about them? Have been able to find very little info. Thank you very much for any help offered. Sincerely, Diane

  2. since i wrote the above comment, i have finally found plenty of information on the internet about these great little pencils. and found more of them all over my home. Still do not know what the digits on the barrel of the p205 mean. Thank you, Diane

  3. Diane, sounds like you have a great collection. send a picture and I will post it. I will check on the posting of the P205.