Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Pentels

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Here we have some new pentels for the collection and daily rotation. On the left are two Technica-Xs. Old news for many of you but I did not have any. I do like the retractable point. Then we have a Graphgear 1009. Needed this because it is harder for me to see the lead on these fine point pencils. Next is a pentel A-10 J-Club 0.5mm pencil. This one I have not seen and it is nice. This A-10 goes good with the RX-15 roller (to the right of the A-10) or the older RG10 roller. This A-10 is more of a dress shirt type pencil similar to but larger then the old SG7, PX7-21 or the P1007 pentel pencils. It does not have a sliding sleeve but fits good in the shirt pocket and does not shake or rattle. Add them all to your collection.


  1. Nice pencils. However, your off by a factor of ten when it comes to describing the diameter of your pencil lead. It should be 0.5 mm, not 0.05 mm. A diameter of 0.05 mm would be the same as 50 micrometers, or about the length of five human red blood cells lined up side by side.

  2. Great looking items. Remember, you can use an EnerGel refill in the RX15 if you so desire. :) I like it better than the standard rollerball refill that it came with.