Sunday, July 25, 2010

More New Old Pentels

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Here we have some additions to the Pentel collection from the 80s. On the left is a RC16 Clicroller, a new R-3 roller with the Radio Shack logo. Next is a blue R-4 and PS45C pencil with the BudLight logo and a nice R-7 roller. All work and all from the 80s. Most of the R-3s through the R-7 plus original Excaliburs can be broken down in the 70s or 80s. A complete set should have both but in the 80s we should be adding in the Ceramicron series of SRs and the RXs which were listed as Excaliburs. I only have a few of the SRs and none of the RXs but am still looking. This will not include all the variations of these pens only released in Japan. So many pens and so little time. The hunt continues.


  1. Very cool. I wish I had some of those nice plastic cases for some of my pens :)

  2. really like the R3 and the R4 with the pencil and logo