Monday, August 17, 2009

All My Multi Pens

I first posted my multi pen collection on 29 May. At the time I stated that there were a few more around the supply room. Well, there were more then a few. As of the date of this post there are 57, however I found 2 more new Uni Hard Locks that did not make the picture. Total, 59. I try to keep away from kids souvenir pens but there are a few in the picture. Bottom left is a rare Scripto model T620 multi pen. Most of these can be used for both work or school. I keep about 25 or so on the desk for daily use. Many are from Jetpens and some of the older ones do not work and I have not put new ink in them. Some have to be retired. With this many pens it is hard to keep up with refills. There is a Foohy missing from this post that was in the first one. It now has a new home at Pen Archives. Talk about timing, there are some great reviews of multi pens over at The Pen Addict. Next post back to the inventory.


  1. That's a great multipen collection you have there! As a bit of a multipen devotee myself, it's good to see a few (more than a few in fact) multipens I don't possess, yet! ;)

  2. missing the Tombow Doppel. :) wait, I have 2, one in red one in black. hehehe