Saturday, February 19, 2022


 Here are some of my pocket calculators. These are the smaller pocket calculators that you may have put in your pocket, school bag or brief case. I also collect the larger ones that would be on your desk. 

Many of these need batteries and some do not work but they are all good examples of pocket calculators. Some of these have been used as props on TV and movies.

I do like the small Casios. Every desk should have an old calculator on it.

I was surprised at the different types of these small Casio calculators. Some have a silver face or a gold face. A few are from Radio Shack. Some have a clear plastic window and some have a gold tint window. A few come in metal cases. The rest have small leather cases. The on/off switch is on the top on a few and on the side for others. Add all these Calculators to your collection. 


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