Saturday, March 23, 2019


As a rule I do not support Titanium pens on Kickstarter. I tend to get the lesser priced pens because Titanium will start a $100.00 and I have to much to buy. This pen was a Kickstarter but now here it is at Jetpens. I bought the Ti2 Techliner pen with the blue accents. This was the first one to sell out.

The cap has magnets that keep it in place with a snap. This Titanium is light and with the Uni SXR-7 refill this pen writes smooth. Love this pen. If you can find one add it to your collection.


  1. I was looking at this pen just last week, but it was out of stock at JetPens. I decided to look up Ti2 Design today and ordered the pen directly from them.

    The pen is a couple of bucks more at JetPens, but you would get free shipping from them, so I ended up paying more, but I did not have to wait for JetPens to get restocked.

  2. A we speak I sent my pen through the washer.