Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Pentel Again

These are just great pencils all around. Most of these came with a Pentel Roller Ball pen. Starting on the left we have the SG-7 then the PX7-21 with and without the Olympic Logo. SG-75 which came with a R-7 Slim Roller. Silver is the P1007 then the blue SG-45 followed by another P1007. Prices on Ebay for the common pencils like the silver or gold color are fair. The hard to get colored ones are very pricey. Add all these great pencils to your collection.


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  2. love.

    4th is sg65, (non striped is an sg60 or sg55), silver are sg35, colored are sg45.
    had to google to refresh my memory. (it's getting not good. :) )