Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Re-look At Lindy pens

Plenty of interest in the Lindy Pens so lets take another look. I have found no larger collections.

These were called Shorty's. The even smaller pens were called Short Shorty's.

Never intended to be seen by the public. Somebody placed these pens on the printing machine and this is what happens.

I have some working Lindy pens on hand for $7.00 each. I use Pilot refills. Blue and red and maybe some black. The clear black and blue Lindy's were an attempt to compete with BIC. It did not work. The metal clip and gold or silver print on the side kept the Lindy from getting the cost down to 19 cents. Add all these great pens to your collection.

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  1. My husband asked me today where I got my Lindy pen that he sees me use on a daily basis. He had no idea they were discontinued years ago. I had just this week visited your blog for the first time and was fascinated to read abt Lindy's and your collection. My Lindy is a purple 460M that I recently rediscovered in a box of my stuff. I remember buying it and loving using it but had lost track of it. I was totally delighted that it still worked!

    I am not a collector and figured I would use it until it runs out of ink and then toss it. Would you like it when I am done with it? Thank you for the fun memories that came to mind when I read your Lindy blog posts.

    Warm regards,

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com