Sunday, June 4, 2017

Parker Jotters Again

Added a few new Parkers to the collection. On the bottom row all the pens with the nice designs are all from India. India has some type of contact with Parker to make Jotters and other Parker pens in their country. This produces some nice liking pens with nice designs.

On this row I added the forest green pen. Not sure how many colors there are but I do keep finding one here and one there that I am missing.

Again some nice designs on the pens.

 Already filled the large case so I am using this case for the new additions. The three on the top right are new Parkers with the new feather on the pocket clip. There are more then these three but I am adding them a few at a time.

Here are the three plus the clear barrel pens. Add all these great Jotters to your collection.


  1. The Jotters are great! Where are you finding them all?

  2. Ebay, trading with other collectors and every store in central Texas.

  3. Well you have amassed a lovely collection. It beats mine. If you are looking for trades though... Drop me a line.