Saturday, June 4, 2016

New And Old

Just picked up these great pens and pencils. On the left is a dozen Bic PF Hospital Property pens. BIC had Office Property, School Property and Hospital Property pens. You collectors out there may need to contact me if you are missing these in your collections. In the middle we have ten Lindy Legal Writer 860 Fine Point pens. These are the type of Lindys that I can refill.  Plenty of people out there that remember Lindy pens. On the right are the Blackwing Pearl pencils. These have been out for some years but I never added a box to my collection. I have extra of many of the pens and pencil I post here in the Supply Room so I will be up-dating the bottom right of the home page with what I have for sale. I am also going to start selling what I call starter sets of different pens and pencils on eBay. Add all these great items to your collection.

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