Sunday, December 13, 2015

Papermate Ops N Pops

Another look at one of the pens that I grew up with. The Papermate Ops N Pops pen. If you go to YouTube and search Papermate Ops N Pops pens you will find their song and their dance contest. Great stuff. These are the examples of the nine different designs that were available. I get this from the next photo below. Only nine designs and six colors. Red, White and Black, Yellow, Purple,White and Orange. No green no blue. I could never get all the designs in all the colors so I went with one of each designs in the best condition.

I have this pictured framed in my office. What a time to be young.

 I have never seen this counter top display which is just fine because I could never be able to pay for it. This one is for a Ops N Pops Popovers for you girls. While you are at it buy a pen. Add them all to your collection.


  1. Do you remember a tie-in to get a "paper dress" to match your PaperMate pen?

  2. If you use the search button at the top left you can see the ad for the poncho.

  3. Do you know if any of the ponchos still exist? I have been on a mission for about a year searching for the allusive promotional clothing item. A point in the right direction would be much appreciated.