Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Some of the Best

Here we have the newest addition to the collection. A Pentel PG 2003. This pencil along with the PG 1505 are considered some of the best around. I just started to use the 0.3mm pencils thanks to "The Old Geezer".

 Here we start on the left with my Pentel PG 1505, Pentel PSD5 Double Push. Next is the Pentel PD 505 Side Clicker then the Pilot H3005 Vanishing Point and the Faber-Castell TK-matic Mechanical Pencil. Last is the A.W. Faber Castell 9800SG 2mm Pencil.
I am not a person who uses a drafting pencil for drafting. General writing only. My pick for the best in my collection is the PG 505 side clicker.  Side clickers are a great general writing pencil. They are also highly collectible. To think Pentel would in later years put a rubber grip on those pencils is a small crime. This aluminum pencil has everything you could need in a pencil and is plenty rare. Thanks Germ.
There are other great pencils out there and I will be posting some other great pencils that do not cost  you a months pay. So go out there and add all these great pencils to your collection.


  1. Hi guys. I'm still very keen to acquire one of these - the collection is incomplete without it. Any ideas?

  2. Whoa, what tip is on that PD505 here? Your other pictures show it with the standard black plastic tip. I've often wondered if there was a metal tip from other Pentels that fit the PD34x series. Thanks for sharing - your collection is impressive.