Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Pentel Smash

Here we have the new Pentel Smash. Top is the original Smash in black. This pencil could also be found in grey and blue. Middle Smash is the 2013 Limited Edition in green. Three other colors are available. Bottom is the newest Smash with the metal grid around the grip and point. This 2014 Limited Edition comes in four other colors. The Pentel Smash seems to have a following of it own. Maybe because it is shorter and fits just right in your shirt pocket or pocket protector and is a well made pencil. I have had plenty of emails about the Smash. I even sold my Pentel Smash ball point some months back. Add them all to your collection.


  1. is the orange steadler square in the back an eraser, cause it looks cool if it is. Or is it an orange highlighter

  2. Thanks for the question. One of the best erasers ever made. A Staedtler Lumoplast AV. I have only two of these and sadly they are not made any more. Bought these in Germany. I like leaving things in the back ground when I post. You never know what will be in the picture.

  3. I am Japanese.
    The blue pen at the bottom of the photo,
    Can I still buy it?
    Please let me know by e-mail.
    Thank you.