Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Pilot Pens

I like these new pens from Pilot. I just got my package from JetPens today and these pens just jumped out at me. On the left are the original B2Ps that use a G2 refill. In the middle are the next generation pens also called B2Ps but use a different refill and are available in more colors. These pens also have the rubber grip which I like. Then JetPens get these outstanding new PetBall pens in 7 body colors. I am missing the purple and the clear with no color. These new pens and the ones in the middle use the same refills.The body colors are great on these new ones and they write with a fine point. I do not know where Pilot is going with these plastic bottle pens but I am not waiting around. I will have them all. If you go and look at the B2P videos on YouTube there appears to be another model of the pen that may only be sold overseas. Add them to your collection.  Posted by Picasa

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  1. It looks like the youtube video shows a B2P gel and a B2P ball point that I can not find. Maybe only sold oversea.