Monday, May 25, 2009

Sterling Plastic Educator Pencil Case

Here on the left we have a complete, inside look at the Educator Pencil Case. The card on the back of the lid would have additional facts and information. You would have 2 pencils, 4 or 5 colored pencils, an eraser, pencil sharpener, a 6" Sterling Plastic Ruler #512 and a Sterling Plastic Protrangle #532. I have seen the ruler and the protrangle in at least 3 different colors and I am sure it had to do with the color of the pencil case. As I stated in the last post the reverse side of all 5 pencil cases had the Pat. number and the date 1960. The Pencil Case on the right is newer, the date on the back is 1967. It is also an Educator Pencil Case but this one is called the Modern Math Pencil Case #556. You could if working properly add and subtract, fractions and multiplications all on the lid. The card on the inside of the lid is missing.

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  1. Sterling made a lot of different Educator Pencil cases, inlcluding one that listed all the presidents and one with important dates in US History