Thursday, September 20, 2018

Pentel Clicks

These are all current Pentel Clicks and I think I have them all. Left are the 0.5mm then 0.7mm. The last orange one on the right starts the 0.9mm pencils.

On the right are the remaining 0.9mms. The eight pencils on the left that look like Pentel P200s are in fact fake ones.

 The green pencil on the top is a new pencil called a Quick Click PD217. As you can see the eraser clicks up and down with the green button on the side.  Add all these great pencils except the fake ones to your collection.


  1. Are the fake ones branded as Pentel, or some other brand, or just nameless?

  2. No, they are all made in Korea and they use their brand name. The pocket clips look just like Pentel.