Sunday, March 17, 2013

Update The Parkers

Here we have all my Parkers to date.  Top are the Parker Jotters, three more Jotters on second row left side then five Parker 45s and a Parker 15.  Last are the Parker Vectors. As you can see I have added the stainless steel Vector, a green camouflage to go with my sand camouflage and a green translucent. New red translucent Parker Vector is still in the package on the far right. Parker Jotters and the Parker Vectors seem to be getting more popular these days and for good reason. They are great Pens. I would almost guess that there are more Vectors then Jotters. Many companies around the world use the Vector for advertising. Three of the Parker 45s are currently out west at Mad Men getting some TV time. On a sad note I was asked to send a red Papermate Ops N Pops Pen to Mad Men for some TV time this past week and the pen got there a day late. I have asked that the pen get some TV time during the next few weeks. I am also repairing a 60s  Scripto "Twiggy" pens for Mad Men. Just type in Scripto Twiggy Pen , top left corner of the blog and you will be able to see my Twiggy Scripto Pen. Great Item. Add all these pens to your collection. Posted by Picasa

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