Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Parker Jotters

Posted by PicasaHere are some new and old Parker Jotters. On the left is the original 1954 Parker jotter. The next one is a turquoise blue Jotter from Wall Mart and is a current issue. 2012 Special Edition is the white with the dimonds Jotter. This pen comes in three colors.  Next is a current translucent red with the decorated top. The purple one is the 50th anniversary of the Jotter. This has a small 50 on the top and has no feathers on the pocket clip. Parker has many different 50th anniversary Jotters and many can still be had. Last is the newest Jotter. Green metallic and no tip just like the 1954 model. This is the Parker 125th  Anniversary Pen. On the back of the pen in small letters are the word "Parker" and below that is  "125 years". I have found this pen in four colors,Gold, Green, Red and Blue all metallic. Add them all to your collection.   


  1. How wonderful to see wooden rulers and roll top pencil cases! I had to look through everything, thanks.

  2. Welcome to the blog. Plenty of things to look at and I have more stuff waiting to be posted.