Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sheaffer 300 Roller Ball Pen

I have been posting Sheaffer pens from the 60s for years but I was given the opportunity to try out a Sheaffer 300 Roller Ball with the dark blue resin barrel from penchalet. This pen is a little heavier then the Sheaffer pens from the 60s but once the cap is posted it is surprising well balanced and frankly does not seem to weight more than any other pen. I have been using the pen for the past week and the pen rides fine in my shirt pocket. The cap posts to the body of the pen with a light click and stays in place. As with many of the Sheaffer pens this one has the spring loaded pocket clip and the signature white dot. Ron Manwaring at sent me this beautiful Sheaffer 300 Roller Ball and what a nice pen it is.

Here are the parts to this roller. The Sheaffer refill is one of the best around. I have been using roller balls since the mid 70s and this is one of the nicest writing pens I have used. I would like to thank Ron Manwaring from penchalet for sending this pen my direction. Add one of these to your collection.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sterling Plastic #526 Roll Top Pencil Box

The Supply Room is one of the few places where you can find posts about Sterling Plastic. They were one of the last makers of office and school supplies in the US. Not the only one but they were one of the biggest. I still remember the Sterling Plastic school supplies in my local TG&Y. They are gone now but their items can be found on eBay and garage sales, antique stores all over the country. I have a very large collection of their office and school supplies but one item that has been missing was the #526 Roll Top Pencil Box. I have never seen it go for less than $100.00 and there have always been plenty of bidders. Now I have one. This one is used but in great shape.
This #526 is almost complete. There are three pencils with a SP# pencil sharpener and a 6" SP #525 plastic ruler. A small eraser that would be hard as a rock by now should also be in the box. The older roll top pencil boxes made by Sterling Plastic and Hasbro are very collectible. Add one to your collection.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pentel Rolling Writer Desk Set

Here we have a Pentel Rolling Writer Desk Set. Not sure of the date because the set is not exactly like the ones in the 1884 catalog on the right. This one has plastic wood grain pens on a marble base. I loaded one pen with black Pentel slim roller refill and the other with a green slim roller refill. These are very collectible because they are a great addition to any desk. The hard part are the refills. It appears that Pentel only makes the black refills but you can still fine the other colors on ebay. Buyer beware because some of these refill are dry. Still a great item. The gold pen at the bottom of the catalog is R3000 10 micron gold plated slim roller. We are lucky enough to have one down in the Supply Room. Add all this great stuff to your collection.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1960s Parker VP Set

Friends of mine are doing some fostering for a few of my kittens and I was presented with this brand new Parker VP fountain pen and pencil. This set has never been used and has sat in the box since the early 60s. I put some blue ink in the pen and what a surprise. Smooth writing all the way. This fountain pen has an adjustable point that almost looks like a little ruler so you can just click it to the right or left. I like it straight up so I leave it alone. The 0.9mm pencil works fine. What a great gift. Add one to your fountain pen collection.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

New ScanCard Director

Director Model
The most popular post by far in the Supply Room has been ScanCards and I have used them on and off for almost 20 years. I think you will like these new notebooks by McKinley Leather. This one is the Director model. All leather and when you open it up you have cards down both sides. No place for a notebook because the cards will replace your notebook. The small leather card holder is for your shirt pocket or purse.

You have 24 cards on each side with a slot for a pen. I am using a Lindy pen. I use the cards for projects but you can also color code your projects with red being the hot one of the day. You can go to and see all the differnet Scan Card sytems that are currently for sale. Thanks to Derek Williams for sending the new Director to the Supply Room for review. There is a good reason why this system is so popular, it works. Add one to your collection.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kickstarter Polar Pen

Here we have another successful Kickstarter project that I signed on for. The Polar Pen. To make this pen they use thirteen rare-earth magnets which come in three colors. This is the silver color pen and there is also a gold and a black. Refills are limited to the Pilot Hi Tec C which I am using an one of the Uni-ball refills. This pen has plenty of functions and lots of fun so go to for all the details. The one in the picture has the point of the pen under two magnets and the top of the pen would be a stylus under one magnet which I have removed. This pen is fun but it is also a very strong magnet and I have stuck myself to the back of my truck a few times. Add one to your collection.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pentel Sideclickers

Here we have my first set of Pentel Sideclickers. I had recently posted the clear ones. Now here are all ten together. I remember these from the late 70s when I was over in Germany. I was buying these great pencils at a local stationary store downtown Mainz Germany. The solid ones came out first. They are also great pencils to start a collection with. I started with these in the 70s and never looked back. These are all 0.5mm pencils.  Add these pencils to your collection.