Sunday, March 3, 2013

1 March New Stuff

We always seem to have new/old items down in the supply room. Pedigree erasers and a pre-school pair of scissors. I picked up another Papermate Rolli Bolli with a brand new black Papermate Malibu pen. If you see one of these Papermate Rolli Bollis around grab it. A new Propus highlighter from JetPens and two more Hallmark pens. On the right are some Skilcraft 0.5mm lead and erasaers plus some green HB 0.5mm lead with Amazing Night written on the top. Next are my three Mont Blanc roller pens. Last is the watch. A old Timex called a Flying Saucer watch. It is a nice retro watch for my collection. Add all this new stuff to your collection. I am starting to sell some of the extra pens and they can be found at the bottom of this page. Posted by Picasa

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