Sunday, June 18, 2017

Lindy Pens

This is not all of them but these pictures will give you an idea of the many different Lindy Pens that were made from the 40s to the early 90s. Most were made in Culver City California. There were also made by the Blackfoot Indians who bought the Lindy Pen Company moved it then killed it. Most are in the trash because the stick pens were made not to be refillable. I  have developed a way to get the refill out and replace it with a Pilot Stick Pen refill. This procedure works on most Lindy pens.

Most of this bottom row are the standard Lindy 460M model. This is what most people used. These pens came in at least 12 colors and Lindy was one of the first pen companies to do that. This row has at least 9 colors

Top row has more basic pens plus some of the clear ones. The clear are are a bit of  an mystery because I have the short clear pens like the 2 in the picture but they have different writing on the side. The Lindy company was in some kind of battle with BIC. Lindy desperately wanted at pen to compete against BIC that would cost about 19 cents. They never got there. The pocket clip and printing on the side of the pens just cost to much. It is sad because I think Lindy had a great pen on it's own.

 Here we have the Lindy pen called the Shortys. They came in all the colors that the full size pens came in. On the right with the white bodies are the Lindy STENO fine point model number 467-F.  I have been interested in the reason for the different wording on the side of these pens. I am sure that "when made" had a lot to do with what was printed on the side. Not a lot of information out there on these Lindy pens.

Now here are a real treat for the lover of Lindy pens. We have pens that were not allowed to leave the factory. I world bet someone took these pens out in their lunch box or briefcase. Not sure of the reason for running these pens over and over again through the printing machine. Maybe someone having fun. What they did was create a real collectors item. I also have a pink Lindy printed the same as these. Somebody took these pens out of the factory.

Here are some nice two way pens. I have both clear red and blue and red and black. Have not been able to get any of these working.

Here we have a close up of a Lindy Utility Marker in yellow. These were made in all colors and I can tell you they worked great. None work today and I have not seen many of these pens around. I also have it in black.

Lindy have a large collection of ball point pens. The little orange pen is called a Short Shorty. I have about 10 different colors in this size. One of my favorite pen to get working are the blue marble ones on the right. A great looking pen.

Here is a nice example of pens being marketed to kids.

Here is the famous Utractapen. The larger ball point out there. These pens measures 7". I have one working on my desk.

Here are the Lindy pens I have working that are on my desk. I made the mistake on my post of Pentel Techniclick by saying I have them all. I was wrong. But on Lindy pens I feel good in saying that no one has come forward with a larger collection. Collectors are always looking to add to their collection but no one has come forward to top my collection. My counter top displays and the loose Lindy pens did not make it in this posting. Maybe another day. Add all these great pens to your collection.


  1. I was wondering if you have a Pentel PD1025 black for sale?

  2. I don't think I do but as I tell all pencil collectors go and find a good seller from ebay that is in Japan and see if he can find you one. It does work.

  3. My Grandmother wrote only with Lindy pens. I had the small version in my purse until 2000s and to see such a collection brings a tear and happiness to my heart.

  4. My Grandmother wrote only with Lindy pens. I had the small version in my purse until 2000s and to see such a collection brings a tear and happiness to my heart.

  5. Lola, If you get time email me at and I will send you a working Lindy.

  6. Wow, what a walk down memory lane! I recall a lot of these from the '70s. I had the medium point Utility Pen and Auditor's fine in red, blue, black and green. I had the Steno Fine, too. You could always find these in independent office supply and stationery stores, long before Staples and Office Max sterilized the industry.

  7. R u selling any of these ink pen? If yes contact at 1 707 430 8271 or at rfpamp

  8. I will pay $200 dollars for LINDY 7INC STICK PENS AND SHORT SHORTY MULTI-COLORED PENS IF you call me or text me or 1-7074308271.RUSH IT LAST CHANCE GOT A PERSON WAITING TO BUY INTO MY OFFER!!!!!!!

  9. Woke up from a dream. Lindy, stick pen. Get 4, blue and black, 2 of the long, and 2 of the short, for work. The pocket clip alone was ever so clever. Perfect for many a stick pen.

  10. Can you post or link me to your procedure to refill Lindi pens? I'm interested in trying that.