Thursday, June 4, 2015

Parker 5th Technology Pen

 This is the second one of these Parker 5th pens that I have bought. The original all stainless steel one is at the bottom and the new one is resting on the calculator. The original one cost abut $50 and I am sure it is the cheapest of the line. It is just to slippery for me. It is hard to pull the cap off so I picked up the next higher one and it works fine. The new one has a black body and lines that run the length of the body. Not sure what they coated the barrel with but there in no slipping. The new one only cost me $26.00 on a eBay auction. This 5th Technology does not appear to me to be very popular but I like it fine. I grew up on felt tips and this is a good one. Flexible point and and once you get the flow of the ink going it makes for great writing. It is made to look like a fountain pen but it is a felt tip. Yes a Radio Shack calculator and transistor radio.
 Here are some felt tips from over the years. On the left we start with the Sheaffer Glideriter felt tip pen.  It uses the same body and refill as the Sheaffer School Fountain Pen. Next is the Papermate Executive Flair. Flairs are still in use today but at one time they had a line of refillable Flairs. To get them working you must use Cross refills. Two Lindy felt tip pens. The yellow model is the one I remember. A Esterbrook Felt Tip and the Pentel S360 Felt Tip that has been around for many years. The Cross Felt Tip Refillable Pen and the Refillable Hallmark Felt Tip Pen. Both very collectible. Last two are the Faber Castell Grip Color Marker and the current Schneider Xpress Marker. There are plenty more out there and these are just the ones I grabbed for this post.
Here are the parts of the Parker 5th. Refills are expensive. I paid $8.00 plus shipping. You just pull the old one out and put the new one in. Add all these great felt tips and the Parker 5th to your collection. I had contacted the Parker Pen Company to ask some questions and a very nice lady named Mary Boufford the SAS Supervisor sent me two Parker 5th refills to use. The more I use this pen the better I like it.

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  1. I think the biggest issue with the Parker Ingenuity pens was that the prices were way too high for what they were. I think the price is around $160 MSRP... for that price I'd much rather get a Pilot Vanishing Point, Pilot Falcon, Platinum 3776, or an Edison. The price you paid on eBay seems like a good deal and much closer to what the prices should be.