Friday, February 16, 2018

Old Parker Vector Rollerball Pens

This should be the complete camouflage collection of Parker Vector Pens. The first two have some history with me. I took the sand camouflage pen to Desert Storm in 1989. The green camouflage I have had for many years and was with me for most of the 11 years I spent in Germany. The two new ones are on the right. Camo with no color and Camo with no green. I think this is all of them.

All are rollerball and are good all around pens. Parker refills have always been reliable. Add them all to your collection.


  1. Nice to learn of reliable tools in the field. Regards.

  2. Hey how do you manage to preventing them from scratch it's difficult for me to prevent them

  3. You must have some type of case to put your pens and pencils in. If you are collecting then even more important to do that. I buy cases and boxes on ebay. They work fine.