Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pentel Quicker Clicker

These pencils started in the 70s and are still going strong today.  On the top row starting on the left are the originals. No rubber grips on this row. The originals are highly prized and seem to be one of Pentels most collectable pencils. There  may be one or two missing from this top row.

 Here we have the smooth rubber grip pencils. Missing solid color black 0.5mm, blue solid color 0.7mm and a red solid color 0.9mm.

Rubber finger print grip. Again I may be missing a solid color with finger print grip in size 0.7 and 0.9 mm.

 These are PD335s and I am missing many different colors.

 This is a side clicker from the late 70s. This pencil is PD1065 and called a Pentel Technica.  A nice addition to the collection but it sat on the shelf to long. The side clicker does not work properly. This pencil came in black and orange. Add all of these pencils to your collection. Plenty of new Pentels still to post. Anyone with a Quicker Clicker that I am missing? I am always up for a trade.


  1. Amazing collection of quicker clickers. I have a few old black ones with green erasers and a few of the newer ones with the fingerprint grip.

  2. I am missing some and I left out the all metal PD 505.

  3. Pentel PD1075 Dealer pencil. that's the square looking one, kinda like a space shuttle or something.

  4. I am just running out of a supply of the rubber grip quicker clicker pencils in green I have had five years. I don't think they make green any more. What am I going to do???? I want my green pencils. Sad day.

    1. I have found that EBay is your best bet. The green ones are nice.