Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pentels and Their Refills

Here we have a nice selection of Pentel Pens that can use the standard MG8 refill. Starting on the left we have three R-3s, four R-4s, a R-6 and a R-7. Middle set of four are the Red RX503 Excalibur, the RX401WO Slim Olympic Excalibur. Both RXs would have come with a MG8 refill. Next is the 0.3mm Excalibur which uses a SRM03 extra-fine refill. Last is a orange SP-308 which would come with a MG8 refill.  Next six starts with a green SR305 0.3mm followed by the SR-10-02A, SR10-03A and the SR10-04A. These pens use the 02mm, 03mm and the 04mm refills. Last is a RBH1 Superball pen that uses the BHM6 refill. Non of these pens are being made today. The red Excalibur, the green SR305 and the orange SP-308 came in many body colors. I only collected one from each type. Any original refills that came in these pens will fit any of these pens. I see that I have over 300,000 hits to this blog. Thank you all for the visits.

Here are some of the refills that still can be found. Starting on the left is the MG8, the MG8S. Middle one is the BHM6 and the last two are the SRM02 and the SRM03 refills. These are not all the refills that were made but these are the only ones that I have been able to fine that still work. Pentel still make the MG8 refill. All the refills are interchangeable with any of the above pens. You should have a Pentel rollerball pen in your collection.They are still one of the best pens out there. Add all these pens to your collection.

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