Sunday, August 17, 2014

New Pentel PSD5 Pencil

 It took some time to get my hands on a Pentel PSD5 Pencil and here it is. This one was used and was missing a cap over the eraser and it does not work without the cap. I contact Ginger Goode who is the Consumer Quality Assurance Manager at Pentel of America and she found me the part. What a great pencil and a big thanks to Ginger. The pencil is listed in my 1985 Pentel Catalog so the pencil has been around at least that long.

Here we have both of my favorite vanishing point pencils. Top one is the Pilot H-2005 and on the bottom is the Pentel PSD5. I don't know who was first but there have been plenty of variations of this Pilot and there has only been one Pentel. Both are great pencils and highly collectible. Add them both to your collection.


  1. good score. i should have kept mine....

  2. Would that '85 catalog list Pentel Graphlet 0.4 mm model? Graphlet started 1985 and got Long Life Design award 2016.

  3. To answer your question no. I have the 1984 catalog and it only has the PG500s and the PG300s. No 0.4mm points listed at all and no Pentel Graphlets. Shame they are good pencils.