Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Office Size Clam Paper clipper

Posted by PicasaI don't know how many people have used these Clam clips but this big office version was new to me. I use my standard Clam dispenser all the time and you can still get them at JetPens or Ebay but I do like this large desk model. I have used it at my desk and it works fine. Everybody should have one at your desk and the smaller one in your bag. This larger desk model was issed through US Goverment channels. Replacment clip can be bought through Ebay but I have found that after a while you start to keep track of the clips so you never run out. Add one to your collection.


  1. Office people should get themselves one of those, anything to ease the burden of their work load. You're bound to find the unlikely ones in places where you'd least expect it. There's not just one appliance for your purposes, as anyone would further realize. Shop around; look for what's best.

    Fletcher @ Concord Supplies

  2. Not only does this one work great but it turns out to be fun to use.

  3. i use this normal small one paper clipper its nice and handy but it can hurt ur finger if using it frequently in 1 day. haha wish i have those big paPER CLIPPER LIKE YOURS