Thursday, December 1, 2011

Papermate Zodiac Pens

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Back on 15 October of this year I showed my first Papermate Zodiac Pen and here we are on the 1st Of December with four more papermate zodiac pens still on their cards. These are great old pens. The cards show a date of 1969 so they were introduced right after the Papermate Ops N Pops pens in 1968. Of all the posts this past year I will have to rate the Zodiac pens up toward the top. A newly discovered everyday pen from 1969/1970. As you can see the original price was $1.59. I paid about $10.00 per pen. I can live with the $10.00 cost because the earlier Ops N Pops are now running at about $200.00 each. They were also a $1.50 pen in 1968. Add them all to your collections. What a nice Christmas present.

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